Meet the Maker: Amanda Ross, Printing with Wildflowers

Meet the Maker: Amanda Ross, Printing with Wildflowers

Amanda Ross, an artist and designer based in London, UK, creates intricately beautiful botanical images by printing directly from pressed plant cuttings. Amanda's art is not only a product of her skill but also the culmination of her printmaking journey, tailoring processes to achieve her signature style.

Drawing on her rich textile background, she uses textile inks, fabrics, paper, and plants from her extensive pressed plant collection. This carefully considered process is a testament to her individuality as well as celebrating the stories and gardens revealed through her art.

In June 2023, Amanda visited Highgrove and took cuttings from the Wildflower Meadow. These cuttings were dried, pressed, and printed to create a selection of gift cards and prints. They showcase the abundant mix of wildflowers found throughout the gardens at Highgrove and revere the natural lightness of the Meadow.

Clover and Cow Parsley Print

Cranesbill and Cowslips

Orchids and Yellow Rattle