The Arboretum

During winter and spring the woodland comes alive with bulbs, including 40,000 snowdrops which were planted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust. Other bulbs include pink and purple cyclamen coum, sapphire-coloured scillas, and beautifully-scented narcissi.

The Arboretum has an exciting ecosystem. Hidden in the shade under the trees, creeping buttercup, sweet woodruff and dog’s mercury contribute to the biodiversity of the area. These plants not only add colour and coverage at ground level, but also attract bees and insects for pollination.

'The Daughters of Odessa' is a strong focal point in the Arboretum

Cyclamen coum flowers in cerise, pink or white and thrive in light shade

The walkways in the Arboretum are lined with groups of acers, which have had formative pruning over the years