Thyme Walk

Clipped golden yew lines the Thyme Walk, an impressive avenue planted with 20 different varieties of thyme, interspersed with marjoram and primroses. This bold promenade draws your eyes towards the house and Terrace Garden, while the eccentric shapes of the yew topiary create a whimsical aesthetic, conjuring a smile with even the most surly of dispositions.  

At the bottom of the Thyme Walk lies the Lily Pool Garden and a bronze Borghese Gladiator, which was a gift to the Prince from Lord Cholmondeley. The walk and surrounding lawns are enclosed entirely by striking clipped yew hedge, designed by Sir Roy Strong.

The Prince has incorporated topiary into the Garden. It is cut once in the year during the autumn months.  

The hedges and topiary are best seen from the impressive west-facing vista.

The golden yew along the Thyme Walk have been transformed into these eccentric shapes.

The pepperpot building dominates the outskirts of the Thyme Walk.