We understand that visitors to Highgrove Gardens may have questions before their visit. We hope that the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, given below, will help with any queries you may have.

Christmas FAQs

Can I book for a large party?

Do you serve vegan options?

I do not like anything on the menu. Can you provide something else?

Can I bring my child/baby?

Do you have a Christmas market with stalls?

What are the Shop opening hours?

Can I arrive early to visit the shop first?

Can I swap my reservation time?

We have booked separately but can we sit together?

Are you accessible by wheelchair?

Can I use my garden tour vouchers to book a festive lunch/supper?

Do you need my guest names?

Do you have a drinks menu?


How do I book a tour of the Gardens?

My tickets have not arrived - what should I do?

Is a visit inside Highgrove House included in tours?

Is there still a waiting list to visit the Gardens?

Is it possible to visit the Gardens without booking a Garden Tour or Event?

Can children attend a Garden Tour?

Can I book a visit without a guided tour?

I am unable to attend my Garden Tour. Please can I rebook?


Is there a restaurant?

Do I need to book a table in the Orchard Tea Room?

Is there a picnic area at Highgrove?

Are there toilet facilities at Highgrove?


Directions to Highgrove

Do you require our vehicle registration prior to arriving?

My tickets were purchased as a gift and are in another name. Will I still be able to gain entry?

Do you require all individual guest names prior to attending?


Can you give me directions to Highgrove?

Do tours go ahead in bad weather?

What documentation do I need to bring with me on the day?

What clothing/shoes should I wear?

Can I hire a wheelchair/mobility scooter?

I need assistance. May I bring an access companion/carer with me?

Mobile phones, cameras, binoculars, tablet and laptop computers


Are dogs allowed?

We are running late - can we attend a later tour?

We are arriving in separate cars - do we need to arrive together?

I am arriving by taxi / being driven to Highgrove - can the driver drop me off and pick me up?

Is there a bus that drops me close to the entrance of Highgrove?

Is it safe to walk to Highgrove from Tetbury?

I am coming to the area by train - do I need to book a taxi?

Can I leave my luggage with you during my Garden Tour?

A member of my party has forgotten their identification - can they still attend?

Can I park my motorhome/campervan?


Can I change my footwear after my Garden Tour and before I have tea?

Can I use the Orchard Tea Room before my tour?

Can I access the Tea Room without an admittance ticket?

Can I book a table?

What will be on the menu?

Do you cater for specific dietary needs?

Can I bring a birthday cake?


When is the best time of year to visit the Gardens?

When is the best time to see the Wildflower Meadow in bloom?


I could not use my 2020 Individual Garden Tour/Champagne Tea Tour vouchers in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please can I have replacement vouchers?

I redeemed my vouchers in 2020 for an Individual Garden Tour/ Champagne Tea Tour, but it was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. How do I book for 2021?

My Garden Tour/Champagne Tea Tour was cancelled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Why have I not received a refund?

I am unsure if I have received a refund for my Individual Garden Tour/Champagne Tea Tour that was cancelled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have not received a refund for my Individual Garden Tour/Champagne Tea Tour vouchers that were cancelled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I received Individual Garden Tour/Champagne Tea Tour vouchers after October 2020, but they have expired.

Can our vouchers be extended for 2021?

How will I find out about upcoming ticket sales dates?