Sundial Garden

Originally designed as a rose garden by Lady Salisbury, the Sundial Garden has evolved to showcase a bold planting scheme that comes to life in the summer. In June and July, delphiniums are a particular, show-stopping delight. The formal shape of the garden is enhanced by the use of willow structures, which support the plants and provide a focal point in winter.

Beds are edged with euonymus, while the entire garden is lined with yew hedges. These are clipped with ‘windows’ that reveal busts of His Majesty King Charles III at various stages of his life. The sundial, from which the garden takes its name, and the reclaimed wrought-iron gates topped with the iconic Prince of Wales’s feathers complete the tableau.

Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star' are planted in each bed of the Sundial Garden

Onorpodium acanthium, the Scotch thistle, towers behind the vibrant delphiniums

The Sundial Garden is an informal blend of purples, blues, white and pinks