International Artists Day – His Majesty The King Charles III

International Artists Day – His Majesty The King Charles III

If you’ve ever visited the Orchard Tea Room at Highgrove Gardens, you will be aware that His Majesty The King Charles III is a keen artist. Adorning the walls of the Anteroom are a number of original artworks by The King of the Highgrove Estate.

A number of these original watercolours have been used to create an exclusive range of reproductions which feature scenes of the Highgrove Estate, other iconic royal residences and some of The King's favourite places, including Yorkshire, Greece, The Klosters and Scotland.

Each design is created through a form of printing known as lithography. Unlike other forms of printing, lithography does not require any engraving or embossing. Instead, the design is applied to the flat surface of a stone or metal plate, where an alternate use of damping and inking ensures that only the artist's drawn image receives the application of ink. This is then printed on suitable paper, creating the lithographic print.

Capturing a very personal expression of the King’s love of painting, we are proud to be able to present six limited edition Lithographs, the latest of which features the landscape of Corfu.

Featuring a view across the Straits of Corfu to the obscure terrain beyond of the Albanian coast, this limited-edition lithograph was created from an original watercolour by The King and was painted in the north east of Corfu, an island in the Ionian region of Greece.

This lithograph is limited to 100 copies, individually numbered, signed, and dated by His Majesty. It is beautifully framed, mounted by hand, and issued in a presentation case with a certificate of authenticity.

Alongside creating his own artwork, His Majesty is also supportive of those who are seeking an art education, having founded the Royal Drawing School in 2000.

All profits from the sale of the limited-edition lithographs will be donated to The King's Foundartion, a grant-making organisation which supports a wide range of causes, including projects in the built environment, young people and education, responsible enterprise and global sustainability.