Highgrove Gardens

Highgrove is the private home of Their Majesties The King Charles III and The Queen Camilla. The house is not open to the public, but the Gardens are open between April and October every year to allow visitors to share Their Majesties' enjoyment of this much-loved, inspirational place.

The series of interlinked gardens have been created with imagination and passion over some 40 years and reflect The King's natural artistic ability. Managed organically and sustainably, the gardens have become an important haven for a rich variety of flora and fauna.

The gardens have been designed, as The King says, to "please the eye and sit in harmony with nature". From the classic order of the Cottage Garden to the pastoral beauty of the Wildflower Meadow, there are highlights in every season. A landscape which was once simply lawn has been transformed into a magnificent, ever-changing canvas.

Discover the gardens' delights, along with hidden curios and horticultural innovations, on a tour that offers a rare glimpse into the life of HM The King Charles III.

"One of my great joys is to see the pleasure that the garden can bring to many of the visitors and that everybody seems to find some part of it that is special to them," HM The King Charles III