On Wednesday 5th June, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is launching the Coronation Meadows Initiative in the Wild Flower Meadow at Highgrove House, Gloucestershire. The Coronation Meadows Initiative is His Royal Highness's tribute to The Queen to mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty's Coronation.

The Prince of Wales’s Coronation Meadows initiative aims to ensure that there is a wild flower meadow in every county in the UK to mark the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation.

Plantlife, one of The Prince’s Charities will be running the Coronation Meadows Initiative.

During a reception at Highgrove on 5th June His Royal Highness will be announcing that the first 60 wildflower meadows have been secured – and that one in each county (107 in total) will be secured by the end of 2013. The initiative aims to help combat the decline in wild flower meadows - the UK has lost 97% of its wild flower meadows since the 1930s.

Wildflower Meadows are outstanding, and often ancient, examples of flower-rich grasslands that support our wildlife. They are also home to quite astonishing displays of wild flowers – orchids, cowslips, buttercups and oxeye daisies in their thousands.
The Coronation Meadows Initiative has three aims:

1.The identification of a Coronation Meadow in each county. This will be completed over the summer as meadows for the remaining counties are identified with candidates for nearly all of them.
2.The second stage is to identify sites within each county where green hay and seed from the Coronation Meadow can be used to restore or recreate new meadows, so fulfilling His Royal Highness’s original vision.
3.The final part of the project is perhaps the most ambitious – to map the UK’s remaining meadows. No such inventory currently exists (neither government nor conservation organisation has this information) but, with the help of the public, we hope to identify all the small pockets of flower-rich meadows that remain. 

'My Coronation Meadows idea came to me when I read Plantlife’s 2012 report and fully appreciated just how many wildflower meadows had been lost over the past 60 years.  This year, we are celebrating my mother’s Coronation so surely there is no better moment to end this destruction and to stimulate a new mood to protect our remaining meadows and to use them as springboards for the restoration of other sites and the creation of new meadows right across the UK.’
The Prince of Wales, March 2013. 
Highgrove Wild Flower Meadow
The Wild Flower Meadow at Highgrove was introduced over 30 years ago by His Royal Highness and is now a well established meadow flourishing with swathes of yellows, pink and purples.
Around 120 different species of typical Gloucestershire natural flora grow in the meadow. The wild flower seed is brush-harvested before being dried and cleaned. It is then sewn in other fields on the estate, to create more wild flower meadows. The meadow is now well established and ever changing, with new varieties of flowers naturalising. It also attracts a number of different species of wildlife, including various types of birds and butterflies and helps to create pollen for bees, which are sadly in decline.

Wildflower meadow seeds are available from Highgrove to help you establish your own glorious wild flower displays. Our  beautiful new Coronation Meadows tableware range is inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales’s Coronation Meadows project.

For more information, please visit: http://coronationmeadows.org.uk/